Nashville Number System Ebook

The Nashville Number System is an invaluable tool for playing music and communicating with musicians. All of the pros use it everyday!

The Nashville Number System explained in full! AND MORE!

This thorough ebook explains the simple system that rules the world of music today: The Nashville Number system.

We’ll take you in depth on how the system works and how you can apply it to your music.

We’ll cover:

  • How to convert any song into numbers
  • Where the numbers come from and what they mean
  • How they apply to every key
  • How to instantly transpose any song to any key

This process is not just for chords, the same principles can be applied so you can play melodies in any key!


You’re not only getting a great ebook about how the most popular chord notation system works and how you can use it in your music, for $9.95 you’re also getting:

  • Detailed, real-life examples in each lesson to show you how the concepts work
  • Exercises to go along with each concept and principle, and the answers to all of them
  • History on where this system came from and the amazing people who invented it
  • Tips on how to make all of your chord charts more professional and more efficient

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