NNS & CO5 Ebook Bundle

Bundle these two great Music Theory Ebooks and save 12%!

Two great ebooks that will help you understand how music fits together and allow you to play and write better music!

The Nashville Number System

The Nashville Number System is an invaluable tool for playing music and communicating with musicians. All of the pros use it everyday!

The Nashville Number System (also just called the number system) is a way of writing the chords to a song in a "universal" or neutral key using numbers instead of chord names. This way the song can be played in any key at any time with out rewriting it.

The Circle of Fifths

The Circle of Fifths is an incredible learning aid for understanding and using the most important interval in music: the Perfect Fifth. The Circle explains how all of our chords, notes, and keys relate to each other in music, and how you can use them most effectively.

When you learn the Circle of Fifths, it’s not only a diagram that you reference to come up with key signatures. It’s an insight into how and why some of the most powerful chord changes work.

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